Mold basically needs three things to survive: mold spores (for reproduction), organic material (for food), and moisture (for water). Without any of those three things mold simply cannot live.

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Mold Spores are prevalent everywhere outside. Every time you open a door or a window, mold spores enter your living area. We can install filters to catch them but you’ll never get them all, so that isn’t a viable option.

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Mold eats almost anything. The wood your house is constructed from, any wallpaper, drywall, and some paints all provide mold with everything it needs to live. And we can’t really eliminate those things from our home.

Moisture is the most important factor because it is the one we can control. Mold needs around 60% or better humidity to thrive; the EPA recommends we keep our living spaces between 30% and 50%. The lower this number the better; we recommend a range of 30% to 40%.

Your Local Mold Removal Service – The first step in a remediation program is identifying the source of the water. If there’s mold growing you can be certain there’s a moisture level too high somewhere. If there’s a leak we’ll find the source and get it fixed. If the humidity is just too high inside the building due to outdoor weather circumstances, we’ll recommend a permanent installation of a dehumidifier. These things need to be addressed before the remediation takes place – otherwise, the mold will just grow back.

Above: Thermal imaging is one of the most reliable methods we use to quickly determine the areas of concern. Purple means colder, colder means moisture, and moisture means the potential for rapid mold growth.

Our remediation process involves using chemicals to treat and kill the mold, along with manual removal as needed. After the area is properly dried, we spray anti-microbial chemicals on the affected areas to prevent future mold growth. We then dry the area again to ensure there is no moisture to allow mold propagation. Our drying system is comprised of industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and HEPA scrubbers. The scrubber is a filtration device that’s important immediately after remediation to eliminate the abnormally high number of mold spores in the affected area.

If you have seen mold, or suspect its presence, we offer local mold inspection service to investigate the problem. We’ll then come up with a comprehensive plan to get rid of the mold, and determine what steps to take so mold doesn’t come back! Contact Local Mold Remediation Today

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