To start the cabinet coating process, we remove your existing cabinet doors and drawers from your cabinet frames and take them to our shop. (New cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available as an option.)

All hardware and felt bumpers are removed from your cabinet doors.
Each cabinet door and drawer front is powered and hand-sanded.
Next, they are coated with one coat of high-quality primer.
At this point, flaws are repaired and gaps are caulked.

Apply a smooth finish.
Then, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts receive high-quality industrial coatings using our H.L.V.P. spraying equipment. Our coatings produce a smooth coating with a film strength that exceeds factory-applied baked enamel.
If a glazing technique for an “Old World” look is what you have chosen, this is completed meticulously by hand by our interior designer and professional painters.
Meanwhile, your cabinet frames are cleaned and then wet sanded to avoid the mess usually associated with home renovations. The cabinet frames are hand-painted by our experienced painters using the same products applied to the cabinet doors and drawers.

Finally, new bumper pads are installed on each cabinet door, hardware is assembled, and cabinet doors and drawers are reinstalled to the cabinet frames which were finished in your home.


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